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Auto 360 Degree Teeth Cleaner
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  • Imagine having a robot dentist you can pop in your mouth!

    The latest innovation in dental technology, autobrush provides a hands-free, automatic dental-grade cleaning daily.

    This is the newest innovation in automatic toothbrush. It not only cleans your teeth in 10 seconds, but includes Cold Light Teeth Whitening which works simultaneously.

    All you have to do is to put the mouth tray in your mouth, press the button and wait for 10 seconds! Now you can enjoy cleaner and whiter teeth.

    - Help eliminate plaque and control gum disease

    - UV light that allows you to use the QuiClean as a teeth whitening kit

    - Get a full 360 degree cleaning of teeth in hard to reach areas

    - Helps get rid of 99.8% of bacteria

    -Get rid of high dentist bills by getting to hard to reach areas to help prevent cavities

    - Allows you to free up time and apply makeup while getting ready
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